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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads - Small Nuggets 
4-5 mm 
16" temporary string

Item# SB03
Price: $59.95

Bronzed Marble Round Beads -
Awesome looking when 
paired with Turquoise! 

Size: 8 mm
16" Strand

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16" Strand - $59.95

16" Strand - $84.95



Graduated Large Flat Nuggets - Stunning!

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Item# SB296
Graduated 12-20mm long, 8-12mm wide, 
4-7mm thick
16" Temp String
Price: $257.95

Blue Nugget Beads

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nuggets
Item# SB5005
6-7 mm 
16" temp string
Price: $89.95 

 Flat Nuggets

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Item# SB5011
6-8 mm long, 2-3mm thick
16" temp string
Price: $69.95

16" Strand - $257.95

16" Strand - $89.95


16" Strand - $69.95


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads
Beautiful Blue Nugget Beads

Sleeping Beauty Nugget Beads
Item# SB80
8-10 mm 
16" temporary string
Price: $104.95

Dark Brilliant Blue

Sleeping Beauty Freeform Oval Beads - Dark Blue
Item# SB007
8x12 mm
16" temp string

Price: $129.95ew 

Flat - Top Drilled Beads

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Approx. Bead Size:
Largest 20x28 mm
Smallest 15x20 mm
10" temp wire

Price: $247.95

16" Strand - $104.95


16" Strand - $129.95

10" Strand $247.95


All of our turquoise beads are natural color

A Certificate of Authenticity Provided With Each Turquoise Purchase 


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About Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Mine:    Sleeping Beauty Mine, Gila County, Arizona 
Color:   Bright blue. Rarer colors range from green to blue-green.                     
Matrix:  Generally white, sometimes containing pyrite.  
Rarity:  *We are no longer able to obtain our raw materials from the mine. 
             Sleeping Beauty Mining operations were shut down in 2012.


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