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Turquoise Mines

Compared to the United States and Mexico, China and Tibet have the largest turquoise mines. In fact, about 80% of all the turquoise on the market worldwide today is Chinese or Tibetan. Most of the remaining 20% is American, coming from the Sleeping Beauty and Kingman mines. The other American mines are producing very little or no turquoise. Stones from these mines are highly collectible. The varieties of turquoise we specialize in are:

Kingman Turquoise - Arizona 

The Kingman mines are located in Mohave County, Arizona and almost always have some of the most beautiful blue color around. Kingman turquoise comes in browns, greens and blues that are unmatched. We sometimes see pyrite in Kingman, but not too often. 

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - Arizona

The Sleeping Beauty Mine is located in Gila County, Arizona and is famous for its bright sky blue color. Sleeping Beauty turquoise has no matrix and varies from shades of bright sky blue to blue-green. The green Sleeping Beauty is much more rare and not readily available. You sometimes see pyrite in Sleeping Beauty turquoise, but very seldom. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is our specialty. We buy our turquoise directly from the mine and process it ourselves right here in Albuquerque. (The Sleeping Beauty Mine shut down its mining operations in 2012.) 

Campo Frio Turquoise - Sonoran

The Campo Frio mine is located in Sonora, Mexico. Campo Frio is usually a beautiful dark pastel green color with caramel or gold-colored matrix. Not even green Sleeping Beauty turquoise can match the beauty of the Campo Frio shade of green. Once you experience the beauty of these beads, you will be happy you made the investment! 

Nacozari Turquoise - Sonoran

Nacozari sounds like an Asian name, but it is actually a mine in Sonora, Mexico. The mine is located south of the Bisbee, Arizona mine in the same mountain range. Nacozari turquoise is a bright sky blue color with very little matrix and usually has a few spots of manganese. Nacozari is very popular in Native American jewelry in New Mexico. 

All of our turquoise is certified natural color from the mines indicated in each listing. 


All of our turquoise beads are natural color

A Certificate of Authenticity Provided With Each Turquoise Purchase 

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