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Turquoise and Shell Heishi 

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Pronounced (hee-shee). The literal meaning of Heishi is "shell" and specifically refers to pieces of shell which have been drilled for use as beads. Heishi is the oldest form of jewelry here in the Southwest. Today, the Heishi cut is found in many styles of turquoise and in a wide range of sizes. Heishi beads can stand alone as choker necklaces and also make wonderful finishing beads and spacers!

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h-HE_itemhePlate-cu.jpg (206449 bytes) Brass Gold Clad Heishi - Beautiful and inexpensive way to incorporate "gold" into your designs!

16" temporary string.
6 mm 
Price: $19.95
h-HE_itemheSlvr.jpg (266653 bytes) Silver Plated Brass Heishi
GORGEOUS with turquoise!!
Item# HEslvr
16" temporary string.
6 mm 
Price: $21.95

Black Coco Heishi
Black Coco (Dyed Wood) Heishi - Unusual & Beautiful!
Item# HECO
24" temporary string.
2-3 mm  
Price: $3.95
Nacozari Turquoise Heishi - Graduated Turquoise Beads

Nacozari  Turquoise Graduated Heishi
Item# NAC-GH
Graduated 3-6 mm
16" Temporary Wire

Price: $79.95

Moonshell Heishi Moonshell Heishi
Item# HEMS
24" temporary string.
2-3 mm  
Price: $5.95

Click on photo for larger view of the Dark Pen Shell

Dark Pen Shell Heishi
Item# HEDP-3
24" temporary string.
3 mm  
Price: $5.95

Brown Lip Shell Heishi
Item# BLHS
24" temporary string.
4-5 mm
Price: $6.95

Nacozari Turquoise Heishi

Nacozari Turquoise Heishi
Item# NHE2
16" temporary string. 
2 mm
Price: $33.95

Graduated Violet Oyster Shell Heishi Graduated Violet Oyster Shell Heishi
Item# VLHS
16" temporary wire.

4-8 mm
Price: $9.95
Click on photo for larger view of Campo Frio




Green Campo Frio Turquoise Heishi
Item# CFHE 
16" temporary string. 
2-3 mm  
Price: $34.95

Kingman Boulder Turquoise Heishi
Kingman Boulder Turquoise Heishi
Item# KMHE  
18" Temporary wire.
4 mm 
Price: $57.95
Sponge Coral Heishi
Sponge Coral Heishi - 2 sizes Item# CRHE
22" temporary wire.
2 mm and 4 mm 
Price: $29.95 - $47.95
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